The Medicine Line

Premieres on APTN on January 22, 2014 at 8pm EST

Cinematographer Dave Gaudet takes a fantastic road trip that zigzags back and forth across the border and throughout North America, across the Maritimes, Great Plains and mountains to discover the art and history of Aboriginal peoples.

In each episode of THE MEDICINE LINE, Dave meets, explores, or interviews two fascinating new characters, events, or places - one from Canada and one from the USA. Then using his skills as a cinematographer, he’ll capture the subjects and showcase them for the world.

While exploring these two locations and meeting people along the way, Dave will begin to see that from the perspective of human oneness, national boundaries don't exist at all. Both sides of the border may hold different national perspectives, but they are unified by the spirit and culture of Aboriginal people. That’s the heart of THE MEDICINE LINE: the television series that transcends borders while simultaneously using it as a guide to adventure and learning.

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