The Medicine Line

Cinematographer Dave Gaudet takes a fantastic road trip that zigzags back and forth across the border and throughout North America, across the Maritimes, Great Plains and mountains to discover the art and history of Aboriginal peoples.

In each episode of THE MEDICINE LINE, Dave meets, explores, or interviews two fascinating new characters, events, or places - one from Canada and one from the USA. Then using his skills as a cinematographer, he’ll capture the subjects and showcase them for the world.

While exploring these two locations and meeting people along the way, Dave will begin to see that from the perspective of human oneness, national boundaries don't exist at all. Both sides of the border may hold different national perspectives, but they are unified by the spirit and culture of Aboriginal people. That’s the heart of THE MEDICINE LINE: the television series that transcends borders while simultaneously using it as a guide to adventure and learning.


Our Lost Words

Our Last words is ultimately a story about the loss of language and the threat of losing ones culture. Filmmaker Angela Wandering Spirit and her daughter Essence journey back home to the Northwest Territories to uncover an understanding of the dying Chipewyan language and how closely language is tied to culture and heritage.

Filmed in stunning high definition, this POV documentary will bring you into Wanderingspirit's world as she shares her family history, discusses dying languages with experts, and uncovers her desire to learn the Chipewyan language with her daughter.


Lost Bones - In Search Of Sitting Bull's Grave

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In 1953, a few residents from Mobridge, South Dakota snuck across the North Dakota border and stole the bones of famed Lakota leader Sitting Bull. They reburied his remains in a site near their town, but since then, many have wondered whether the Mobridge ghouls grabbed the right bones during their midnight grave robbing.

More than five decades later, the question of where Sitting Bull is truly buried would once again resurface, but this time it was in the form of a family history. The history stated that soon after Sitting Bull's death in 1890, his body was spirited away, taken for a secret burial. Who moved Sitting Bull's body and where was their final destination?

Through stylized recreations and interviews with Sitting Bull's great grandson Ernie Lapointe and Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Chairman Ron His Horse Is Thunder, Lost Bones explores this fascinating story alongside the extraordinary accomplishments Sitting Bull made during his lifetime.


Warriors TKO - Season 2

Eight hopeful boxers train for one month in order to step into the ring for their first ever boxing match. Under the guidance of Harry Black and his team of trainers, the eight will learn the basics of boxing and be pushed to their physical limits.


Warriors TKO - Season 1

Four fighters from two rival boxing clubs will train together, learn from each other, and then fight.  Pushed to their physical and emotional limits, each boxer must dig deep inside themselves and find their inner warrior.


Chasing Hamilton's Ghost

In the early 20th century, Dr. Thomas Hamilton was one of Winnipeg’s most respected businessmen and a leader in the community. But for all his contributions, today Hamilton is best known for the séances he conducted and the hundreds of photographs he took which captured images of other-worldly apparitions. Or, do they? Chasing Hamilton's Ghost takes an investigative looks at Hamilton's work and his photographs and asks - what does this all mean?


Underwater HD Cinematography

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